Thursday, May 21, 2009

insomnia still

yep still having insomnia. yeah. i slept now i am wide awake!! life here in jersey is boring as shit right now. nothing to do ever. and i am not going to make plans. nope not me. what else is new..ummmmmmm yeah online peeps well im liking facebook alot and online in general. and people are really nice. i always love the interaction and feedback that part is amazing. except when they beg for comments and shit or ask me to post shit. ill post what i want and when i want and im not some skank thats gona be naked. and wow some people do post ALOT online. wow. okay thats all. o yeah i need to not curse so much in real life and here. people just think i have this really bad sweareing thing. and i like better not swearing too. so yeah but fuck i do it all the time anyway :)

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