Sunday, October 4, 2009


wow i havent used this thing in forever now! but i am becoming like addcited to the internet. i am always on this now whenever my parents arent on it ugh grr

i totally didnt even notice until today that i now have 4 followers! so hello whoever you are and wherever you came from!!! its fun getting them! just hope your not stalkers! :-/

j/k kinda

facebook deleted my account i think!!!!! it makes me so freaking mad!!! i made some friends on there and now its gone plus i had some things on it i want my facebook account to. i was addicted to fb too!! i didnt have any naked pictures or anything showing so its such bullshit!

other then that school started and its okay. so far no big projects or anything thank god!!!! not much planned for this weekend. maybe go apple picking somewhere if my friends all go!

okay i need sleep cuz i am getting tired! goodnight!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


summer is now going by really fast and now its finally being nice out - hot. and not raining!

i totally almost forgot about the blog thing until somoene reminded me about it today. so nothing new really but summer going fast. its late so time to enjoy whats left of summer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i guess assholes are everywhere. i mean all the time guys ask me to take nude pictures. sorry guys but not gonna happen. some are just assholes about it. like this one guy today who said oh youre a fake bitch then.

a. calling anyone a bitch is really hurtful. i dont care why you think its okay to do that. its not. i can be a bitch but in this case i did NOTHING to deserve that.

b. just because i wont cyber or show you a nude picture or go on a cam for you doesnt mean i am a bitch. it just means i know to many stories from the internet about people who did that. and i will never do that. sorry again guys. but no.

if you know me then you know i am who i say i am. if you dont know me, then try to get to know me and then hate me because i wont be your little cyber whatever the fuck you think.

ahhhhhhh. it makes me mad that he can even make me mad. grrrrrr

Thursday, June 4, 2009


so i am done with school for the summer - yessssssss!!!!! hopefully the summer will be fun!

ive been rethinking the whole model thing lately and NOT wanting to do it. it's fun but making a job out of it, i just dont think so. and people have been assholes totally about it lately. like always asking for more pictures. i would put more when i want not you. fuck off to them. blah i am trying not to complain. so anyway. life is great right now!! summer!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


been bored as hell lately. and also debating just deleting everything online too. just bored.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

nothing nifty

so this weekend has been pretty much lame. im always bored and my friends never do anything. but i also dont want to be the one who calls and does everything. whatevs. went to a parade at least with my friends yesterday. it was kinda fun at least. other then that nothing nifty.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

insomnia still

yep still having insomnia. yeah. i slept now i am wide awake!! life here in jersey is boring as shit right now. nothing to do ever. and i am not going to make plans. nope not me. what else is new..ummmmmmm yeah online peeps well im liking facebook alot and online in general. and people are really nice. i always love the interaction and feedback that part is amazing. except when they beg for comments and shit or ask me to post shit. ill post what i want and when i want and im not some skank thats gona be naked. and wow some people do post ALOT online. wow. okay thats all. o yeah i need to not curse so much in real life and here. people just think i have this really bad sweareing thing. and i like better not swearing too. so yeah but fuck i do it all the time anyway :)