Friday, May 15, 2009


what the fuck is up with me being insomniac lately?idk.anyways. this week has been, park,SWINGS!the beach.freepizza.drives. monday- i got new jeans, I am a size 5 now-BLECK, Itried on a new bra and my boobies are okay but i want more hahaha. since 8th grade i have.haha. and i got new makeup.tuesday-today was sandys birthday :). i went to sandys house i seriously had fun just eating cake and talking about everything. we talkedand talked and talked and then visited dan wholives 2 doors down. and yeah that was fun. and that was whatever, I met Hanna-i like her shes fun:)home for homework, music and facebook what i am obsessed with everything computer now. blah nothing else to say so thats it. ok world stay up hahaha.

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