Sunday, May 31, 2009


been bored as hell lately. and also debating just deleting everything online too. just bored.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

nothing nifty

so this weekend has been pretty much lame. im always bored and my friends never do anything. but i also dont want to be the one who calls and does everything. whatevs. went to a parade at least with my friends yesterday. it was kinda fun at least. other then that nothing nifty.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

insomnia still

yep still having insomnia. yeah. i slept now i am wide awake!! life here in jersey is boring as shit right now. nothing to do ever. and i am not going to make plans. nope not me. what else is new..ummmmmmm yeah online peeps well im liking facebook alot and online in general. and people are really nice. i always love the interaction and feedback that part is amazing. except when they beg for comments and shit or ask me to post shit. ill post what i want and when i want and im not some skank thats gona be naked. and wow some people do post ALOT online. wow. okay thats all. o yeah i need to not curse so much in real life and here. people just think i have this really bad sweareing thing. and i like better not swearing too. so yeah but fuck i do it all the time anyway :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


what the fuck is up with me being insomniac lately?idk.anyways. this week has been, park,SWINGS!the beach.freepizza.drives. monday- i got new jeans, I am a size 5 now-BLECK, Itried on a new bra and my boobies are okay but i want more hahaha. since 8th grade i have.haha. and i got new makeup.tuesday-today was sandys birthday :). i went to sandys house i seriously had fun just eating cake and talking about everything. we talkedand talked and talked and then visited dan wholives 2 doors down. and yeah that was fun. and that was whatever, I met Hanna-i like her shes fun:)home for homework, music and facebook what i am obsessed with everything computer now. blah nothing else to say so thats it. ok world stay up hahaha.

Monday, May 11, 2009

bored again

so ummm... yeah hi. okay.i just typed out this some-what long entry and im pissed, caused this stupid computer froze and pretty much lost it ALL!! laaaaaaaaame! no way am i typing it all again. i'll put something on this though because i havent in a while. so now im upstairs... anyways. ill just do my post in a smaller version of the old one I haven't posted in a while ive been lazy and havent been spending very much time online and now its like whoa alot of free time.good news- With all the extra time not watching tv I've started a couple art projects. it mostly like stick people but its something so i dont fail art. Yeah I don't know what else to say. other thanI ♥ you all.heheyeahhh

o rant i am so tired of hearing about swine flu. i know people mean well and some will read this but its my blog and im writing what i want. no need for apologys. i also have goten alota replies when i post thing and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it all. yayyyyyyyyy. ok thats all for now! im in awesome great mood!!