Monday, May 11, 2009

bored again

so ummm... yeah hi. okay.i just typed out this some-what long entry and im pissed, caused this stupid computer froze and pretty much lost it ALL!! laaaaaaaaame! no way am i typing it all again. i'll put something on this though because i havent in a while. so now im upstairs... anyways. ill just do my post in a smaller version of the old one I haven't posted in a while ive been lazy and havent been spending very much time online and now its like whoa alot of free time.good news- With all the extra time not watching tv I've started a couple art projects. it mostly like stick people but its something so i dont fail art. Yeah I don't know what else to say. other thanI ♥ you all.heheyeahhh

o rant i am so tired of hearing about swine flu. i know people mean well and some will read this but its my blog and im writing what i want. no need for apologys. i also have goten alota replies when i post thing and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it all. yayyyyyyyyy. ok thats all for now! im in awesome great mood!!

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