Saturday, April 4, 2009

another blog!!

holy shit this is soooo addicting already!! i got my first comment and i can see alot of people have already even just viewed my profile! i kinda wish i could know where or who but o well.

nothing much else new. it rained a fucking lot yesterday so that kinda sucked but hopefully it will be alot better today. blah. i dunno anything else to say so i'll stop now.


  1. I think it is time for some new thoughts and new pictures :)

  2. your ridiculous

    and heres a new thought
    i dont care what you want me to update or when so fuck you i'll do what i want and when i want.

  3. whoa chill i said 'i think' not 'hey bitch update your shit' and its *you're dipshit

  4. you get the same reaction no matter what you say

    both say the same thing. and i will do what i want.

  5. you on the rag lately?

  6. try you're just being an asshole and i am calling you on it.
    and that is a real asshole thing to say.

    and no i am not.

  7. haha Jess i bet you are a tiger in the sack ;)