Friday, April 3, 2009

1st one!!!

so i first started just making this flickr account, and i am amazed by how many people view it and even comment!!! it is totally addicting and this probably will be to. i am really curious to see like if anyone wants to read this or whatever.

i also cant believe like how many of the guys that send comments on flickr are like 40s!!! holy shit! wow. i just never would have thought it. kinda weird, but kinda cool too. :)

time to start my first ever blog and see where it goes.


  1. Older men love beautiful girls too!!! Love you flickr account. Keep em coming! Lipservice from flickr.

  2. yay! my first comment on this!!

    wow, thank you and i see that now! i'm glad you like the flickr thing, and thank you so much for visiting my blog too and commenting!!! i will keep posting to both for sure. thank you!!!!

  3. love ur new pics on social me Jess u look amazing:) keep em commin u'll be a model someday;)

  4. thank u so much ed!!!!!! i hope so!! thank you!!!

  5. Jess, what is your photostream address for Flickr. I'd love to view all your pics. CharlieJ (yeah, that one)

  6. awww yay! hi charlie and thanks for the comment!!!! i'm so glad you surfed in!

    here is my photostream:

    jess (yeah this one :)

  7. Wow, Jess, I'm surprised you are only 16! I thought you were in you 20s. I'm one of those guys in their 40s :( who mistook you for older and said how lovely you. Which of course I never woulda if I knew!

    Is it good or bad to look older? Good to get into places,but bad coz old geezers will (accidentally) gawk at you. :)

    PS I commented in your blog!

  8. im glad you posted in my blog!! and im glad you commented anyway. i like compliments and dont care so much who is saying it.


  9. lol. Well, cool. Coz every good thing any of us say is definitely true.


  10. yay!! and now i am even getting a little red i can feel it! :p

    thank u jack!!