Sunday, October 4, 2009


wow i havent used this thing in forever now! but i am becoming like addcited to the internet. i am always on this now whenever my parents arent on it ugh grr

i totally didnt even notice until today that i now have 4 followers! so hello whoever you are and wherever you came from!!! its fun getting them! just hope your not stalkers! :-/

j/k kinda

facebook deleted my account i think!!!!! it makes me so freaking mad!!! i made some friends on there and now its gone plus i had some things on it i want my facebook account to. i was addicted to fb too!! i didnt have any naked pictures or anything showing so its such bullshit!

other then that school started and its okay. so far no big projects or anything thank god!!!! not much planned for this weekend. maybe go apple picking somewhere if my friends all go!

okay i need sleep cuz i am getting tired! goodnight!!!!!

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