Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i guess assholes are everywhere. i mean all the time guys ask me to take nude pictures. sorry guys but not gonna happen. some are just assholes about it. like this one guy today who said oh youre a fake bitch then.

a. calling anyone a bitch is really hurtful. i dont care why you think its okay to do that. its not. i can be a bitch but in this case i did NOTHING to deserve that.

b. just because i wont cyber or show you a nude picture or go on a cam for you doesnt mean i am a bitch. it just means i know to many stories from the internet about people who did that. and i will never do that. sorry again guys. but no.

if you know me then you know i am who i say i am. if you dont know me, then try to get to know me and then hate me because i wont be your little cyber whatever the fuck you think.

ahhhhhhh. it makes me mad that he can even make me mad. grrrrrr


  1. You're 16. Guys shouldn't be asking you for nude pics of you in the first place.

  2. yeah i know this, but let me tell you it definitely does not stop them.

  3. the day you posted your comment is my birthday.. I love that day!!